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PINORAMA: California Extreme 2005

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Barrier, Starhawk, Space War, Boxing Bugs, Super Flipper, Major Havoc, Cosmic Chasm, War of the Worlds, Zektor, Zektor,Medusa, Flash Gordon, Speakeasy, Spectrum, Future Spa, Fireball 2, Big Hit, WCS94, Getaway, Earthshaker, Time Machine, Jolly Jokers, CBW, Earthshaker, Laser War, High Speed (w/ topper), EBD, Melody, Lightning, Vector, Shark, Space Race, Cloak and Dagger, Bosconian, Tutankahm, Gyruss, DK, DK, Missile Command, Ataxx, Frenzy, Astro Blaster, Battlezone, Mystic Marathon, Pac Man, Turbo Outrun, The Pit, APB, Paperboy, Degeki Iraira Bou, The Irritating Maze, Varkon, Defender, Championship Fast Draw, Toobin', Demon, Warrior, Barrier

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