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About made its internet debut on May 18, 2007.

The interactive panoramic pictures were previously hosted by Chris Enright and Brian Merry on their website Many thanks to Chris and Brian for hosting the panoramas for three years.

The pages on this website are the result of a desire to learn how to use perl, HTML, CSS, and javascript. The website employs CSS for formatting, and may not render properly on older browsers or on less capable mobile browsers.


Many thanks to Chris Enright and Brian Merry for hosting the original Pinorama Website.
Chris Enright designed the Pinorama Logo. He managed the original site and helped me with my early HTML baby steps.

The navigation menu system for this website is based on one of the many clever examples to be found on which is an excellent resource for novel CSS techniques

The theme/style changing system uses the Invasion of the Body Switchers technology from the superb website A List Apart

The appearance of homepage splash screen and 3D art selector owe an obvious debt of gratitude to the fine folks at Apple Computer. These animations employ sprites combined with what I believe is a novel javascript/CSS animation technique.

The ST:TNG TILT card used a NCC 1701-D 3D mesh created by Chris Setterington with details by Erik Timmermans. This mesh can be found at The Star Trek Meshes Collection

Stereoscope, the 3d viewer applet, was written by Andreas Petersik, and is available from his website: is dedicated to the many intrepid pinball designers whose talent still rocks the world of pinball fans today.