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PINORAMA: California Extreme 2005

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Card Whiz, Radikal Bikers, Smash TV, Champion Sprint, Defender, Williams Multigame, Sinistar, Choplifter, Time Pilot, Pac Man, Atlantis, Eye of the Tiger, Tron, Tempest, Ultracade, Road Burners, Road Burners, Neo Geo, Golden Tee 2004, Primal Rage 2, Freeze, NFL Blitz, Tenkomori Shooting, Police Trainer, Xmen vs SF, Bio Freaks, SF2CE Turbo, KI, SF2, Ultimate Mk3, MvC, Marco's booth, Pac Man, Tapper, Pac Man, Millipede, Namco Classics 2, Joust, Atari Art Booth, Cosmic Gang

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