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PINORAMA: California Extreme 2005

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Getaway, TOTAN, Whirlwind, Pool Sharks, Hot Shots Basketball, Boot Hill, Tail Gunner 2, Happy Clown, Harlem Globetrotters, Whirlwind (blower mod), Paul Bunyan, BK, Firepower, Space Shuttle, Pat hand, MM, Hyperball, Galaxy, F14 Tomcat, Apollo, Dr. Dude, BK2K, BK2K, Rollergames, Doodle Bug, World Series, Flip Flop, Flight 2000, TOTAN, HUO FF, Trident, BH, Aztec, STTNG, Whodunnit, ToM, SS, Frankenstein, 49ers NFL, HRC, AP, Monopoly, TSPP, Elvis, T-shirt Booth, SS, Pinbot, CC, LW3

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