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PINORAMA: California Extreme 2005

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Fire Truck, Mappy, Toobin', Hook, SST, Galaxy Rescue, Space Lords, Sarge, Cosmo Gang, TV Pinball, Wacko, Professor Pac Man, Badlands, Inter Steller, Astron Belt, EBD, Melody, Lightning, Vector, Centaur, Meteor, Taxi, Farfalla, EBD, Fathom, Paragon, Elvira, Mini Pool, Red Baron, Hard Drivin's Airborne, Tag Team Pinball, CFTBL, Wizard, FT, CP, Royal Guard, Superman, TZ, Cactus Jacks, Panic Park, SMBMW, Striker, Road Burners, Joust, Namco Classics 2, Millipede, Pac Man, Tapper, Pac Man, Tron, Tempest, Ultracade, Cosmo Gang, Card Whiz, Radikal Bikers, Smash TV, Champion Sprint, Defender, Williams Multigame, Sinistar, Choplifter, Time Pilot, Pac Man, Uo Poko, Eye of the Tiger, Hi Dolly, Balls a Poppin

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